Sandboxie Clone Windows Apps Installation And How To Use It

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Exploring Sandboxie: A Comprehensive Installation and Usage Tutorial

Exploring Sandboxie A Comprehensive Installation and Usage Tutorial

Sandboxie Clone Windows Apps Installation And How To Use It! Learn how to clone Windows applications with Sandboxie and explore the easy installation instructions to get started. Find out how to use this innovative tool for application protection and isolation.

Sandboxie Clone Windows Apps Installation And How To Use It

Sandboxie Clone is a Windows application that allows users to install and use multiple apps on their computers without having to worry about conflicts or virus infections. The software creates a virtualized environment that isolates installed programs so that they can be used safely and without interfering with each other. It prevents changes made by one app from affecting the system and makes sure that any malicious code is contained and not allowed to spread.

Installation of Sandboxie Clone starts by downloading the setup file. Once that is done, open it and follow the prompt to start the installation. The entire process is straightforward and doesn’t take more than a few minutes. After the installation is complete, all you need to do is start it up. It will then create a virtual environment that allows you to use multiple apps without them affecting each other.

Sandboxie Clone Windows Apps Installation And How To Use It

Using this application is quite easy and can be done by accessing the installed app from the Start Menu. In the opened window, you can create a sandbox that is secure and isolated from the rest of the system. You can then find the app that you want to install from inside the sandbox and start the installation process. Once the installation is completed, you can start using the app right away without worrying about conflicts or viruses. The sandbox will also protect your system from any malicious code that could be present in the app.

Sandboxie Clone is an ideal application for anyone who needs to use multiple apps simultaneously. It makes sure that apps don’t interfere with each other and that the system is protected from malicious code. Installing and using the application is easy and straightforward, making it simple for anyone to take advantage of its benefits.

Benefits of Using Sandboxie Clones

Sandboxie clones inherit the advantages of the original software while often adding new features or improving existing ones. Some benefits of using Sandboxie clones include:

  • Enhanced security: Sandboxie clones provide an additional layer of protection against potential threats, ensuring that any malicious activities are contained within the sandbox.
  • Increased flexibility: Sandboxie clones may offer more customization options, allowing users to tailor the sandbox environment to their specific needs.
  • Compatibility: Clones often address compatibility issues that might arise with different Windows versions or specific applications.
  • Expanded functionality: Some clones introduce additional features beyond the scope of the original Sandboxie, providing users with more options and capabilities.

Understanding Sandboxie

Sandboxie is a sandbox virtualization application that allows you to run programs in a safe environment isolated from your main operating system. This can be useful for testing new software or running potentially malicious programs without risking damage to your computer.

Introduction to Sandboxie

Sandboxie was developed by Ronen Tzur and released in 2004 as a freeware application. It gained popularity for its ability to provide a secure environment for running applications. Originally designed for Windows operating systems, Sandboxie allows users to test software, visit potentially risky websites, and run untrusted applications without putting their systems at risk.

History and Development of Sandboxie

Sandboxie has evolved over the years to keep up with the changing landscape of cybersecurity. In 2013, Sandboxie became a paid software, allowing for continued development and support. In 2019, the company behind Sandboxie, Sophos, announced that the product would become an open-source project. This move ensured the software’s long-term availability and further improvements by the open-source community.

Installing and Setting Up Sandboxie

To install and set up Sandboxie, the steps are mentioned below.

System Requirements

Before installing Sandboxie, ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements. Typically, Sandboxie is compatible with various versions of Windows, including Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Downloading and Installing Sandboxie

To install Sandboxie, follow these steps:

Visit the official Sandboxie website or trusted software repositories to download the installation file.
Run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
After installation, Sandboxie will be ready to use.

Configuring Sandboxie Settings

Once installed, Sandboxie can be customized to suit your specific requirements. Some of the configuration options include:

  • Sandbox Settings: Customize sandbox parameters such as size, location, and resource access permissions.
  • Program Start/Stop Supervision: Specify which programs should always run within a sandbox.
  • Recovery Options: Configure settings related to file recovery and rollback.
  • Network Restrictions: Define network access rules for sandboxed applications.

How to Clone App in Sandboxie?

Sandboxie is a sandbox virtualization application that allows you to run programs in a safe environment isolated from your main operating system. This can be useful for testing new software or running potentially malicious programs without risking damage to your computer.

One of the features of Sandboxie is the ability to clone an app. This means that you can create a copy of an app that runs in its own sandbox. This can be useful for testing different settings or configurations for an app or for troubleshooting problems.

To clone an app in Sandboxie, follow these steps:

  • Open Sandboxie.
  • Right-click on the app that you want to clone.
  • Select “Clone App.”
  • Give the clone a name.
  • Click “OK.”

The cloned app will now run in its own sandbox. You can access the clone by opening the Sandboxie Control Panel and selecting the “Clones” tab.

Running Windows App in Sandboxie

Running Windows applications in Sandboxie allows users to run applications securely and prevent malicious codes or programs from altering the host computer. Sandboxie creates an isolated, virtual environment that separates and prevents any changes made by the application from affecting the operating system and other applications.

This can be useful for testing new software or running potentially malicious programs without risking damage to your computer.

To run a Windows app in Sandboxie, follow these steps:

  • Open Sandboxie.
  • Right-click on the app that you want to run.
  • Select “Run Sandboxed.”
  • The app will now run in its own sandbox.

You can access the app’s files and settings by opening the Sandboxie Control Panel and selecting the “DefaultBox” tab.

Using Sandboxie for Web Browsing

Sandboxie is a powerful tool that can greatly enhance your web browsing experience. It sandboxed the browser so any malicious changes or infection from the web can’t affect your system. It allows you to view and experiment with web content and software in an isolated, secure environment without the risk of permanent changes to your system. It blocks malicious code from entering your PC; stops browser hijacking; prevents spyware and Trojan installations; provides secure storage for personal data; and most importantly, protects you from identity theft.

Secure Browsing with Sandboxie

Sandboxie provides a safe environment for web browsing, allowing you to protect your system from potential web-based threats. When running your web browser in a sandbox, any downloaded files, changes to settings, or browsing history are isolated within the sandbox.

Configuring Web Browsers for Sandboxie

To make the most of Sandboxie for web browsing, follow these steps:

Launch your preferred web browser within the sandbox.
Configure the browser settings, extensions, and bookmarks as desired.
Any changes made within the sandbox, such as downloaded files or browsing history, will be contained within the sandbox and not affect your main system.

Benefits and Limitations of Sandboxed Browsing

Sandboxed browsing offers several advantages:

  • Protection from Malicious Websites: If you accidentally visit a malicious website or encounter a phishing attempt, any potential threats are confined within the sandbox and cannot harm your system.
  • Isolated Cookies and Tracking: By running your browser in a sandbox, you can isolate cookies, prevent cross-site tracking, and maintain better control over your online privacy.
  • Limitations: While sandboxed browsing provides significant security benefits, it is essential to note that it does not provide complete protection against all web-based threats. Users must remain cautious and practice safe browsing habits.

Customizing Sandboxie

You can customize Sandboxie to suit your specific needs by changing the following settings:

1. Sandboxie Configuration Options

Sandboxie offers a range of configuration options to tailor the software to your specific needs. Some customization options include:

  • Sandbox Settings: Configure the size and location of the sandbox, resource access permissions, and restrictions.
  • Appearance: Customize the appearance of the Sandboxie interface, including themes and display settings.
  • Notifications: Control the display of notifications and alerts from Sandboxie.

2. Advanced Settings and Configuration Tweaks

For advanced users, Sandboxie provides additional configuration tweaks that can further enhance your experience. Some advanced settings include:

  • Forced Folders: Specify folders that should always be sandboxed, even if the associated application is launched outside the sandbox.
  • IPC (Inter-Process Communication) Access: Customize the communication permissions between sandboxed and non-sandboxed applications.
  • Sandboxie API: Explore the Sandboxie API for advanced integration and automation with other software or scripts.

3. Creating and Managing Multiple Sandboxes

Sandboxie allows you to create and manage multiple sandboxes simultaneously. This feature enables you to isolate different applications or groups of applications from one another. You can easily switch between sandboxes using the Sandboxie Control, each with its own unique settings and configurations.

Security and Privacy Considerations in Sandboxie

Sandboxie can be useful for testing new software or running potentially malicious programs without risking damage to your computer.

However, it is important to note that Sandboxie is not a perfect security solution. There are some security and privacy considerations that you should be aware of when using Sandboxie.

  • Sandboxed programs can still access your files and network. Sandboxie isolates sandboxed programs from your main operating system, but it does not prevent them from accessing your files and network. This means that a malicious program could still potentially steal your data or infect your computer.
  • Sandboxie can be configured to allow programs to access your clipboard. This means that a malicious program could potentially steal your clipboard data, such as passwords or credit card numbers.
  • Sandboxie logs all activity that occurs in a sandbox. This means that if you run a malicious program in a sandbox,
  • Sandboxie will record all of its activity. This could potentially expose your privacy if the logs are not properly secured.

To mitigate these risks, you should:

  1. Only run trusted programs in a sandbox.
  2. Use a strong password for your Sandboxie account.
  3. Configure Sandboxie to block access to your files and network.
  4. Encrypt your sensitive data.
  5. Regularly review the Sandboxie logs for any suspicious activity.

By following these tips, you can help to protect your security and privacy when using Sandboxie.

Sandboxie Top 3 Alternatives

Several sandboxing tools and virtualization solutions are available as alternatives to Sandboxie. Some notable alternatives include:

  1. Windows Sandbox: A built-in sandboxing feature in Windows 10 that allows running applications in a secure environment.
  2. VirtualBox: A popular open-source virtualization platform that enables running applications or entire operating systems in isolated virtual machines.
  3. VMware Workstation: A commercial virtualization software that provides advanced features for running applications in virtual environments.

Comparing Sandboxie with Other Sandboxing Tools

When considering alternatives, it’s important to compare the features, ease of use, and compatibility with your specific requirements. Sandboxie stands out with its user-friendly interface, focus on application isolation, and long-standing reputation in the cybersecurity community.

Choosing the Right Sandboxing Solution for Your Needs

To choose the right sandboxing solution, consider factors such as your specific use case, required features, compatibility with your operating system, and ease of use. Evaluate each solution’s strengths and weaknesses to make an informed decision.

Can Sandboxie run games?

However, Sandboxie is not specifically designed for running games. Some games may work in Sandboxie, but others may not. This is because some games require access to system resources that are not available in the sandbox environment.

If you are considering using Sandboxie to run games, it is important to test the games first to make sure that they work properly. You can also try using a different sandbox application that is specifically designed for gaming, such as Windows Sandbox.

Advantages and Limitations of Sandboxie for Gamers

Advantages for gamers using Sandboxie include:

  • Enhanced Security: Sandboxie creates a protective barrier between games and the main system, guarding against malware and potential threats during gaming sessions.
  • Isolated Game Sessions: Running games within the sandbox environment keeps the main system untouched, preventing conflicts with other software and ensuring system stability.

Limitations of Sandboxie for gamers include:

  • Performance Impact: Running games within a sandbox may incur a slight performance impact due to the overhead of sandboxing processes.
  • Online Gaming Limitations: Some online games or anti-cheat systems may detect Sandboxie as a potential security risk, preventing the game from launching. It is advisable to check the game’s compatibility with Sandboxie before use.

How safe is Sandboxie?

Sandboxie is generally considered to be safe. However, it is important to remember that no sandbox is 100% secure. There is always the possibility that a vulnerability could be found in Sandboxie that could allow malware to escape the sandbox and infect your computer.

To help reduce the risk of this happening, it is important to keep Sandboxie up to date with the latest security patches. You should also use a good antivirus program in conjunction with Sandboxie.

If you are concerned about the safety of Sandboxie, you can always use a virtual machine instead. A virtual machine is a complete operating system that runs inside a sandbox. This makes it even more difficult for malware to escape the sandbox and infect your computer.

Key Features

  • Sandboxing: Sandboxie allows you to run programs in a safe environment isolated from your main operating system. This means that if a program is malicious, it cannot damage your computer.
  • File and registry virtualization: Sandboxie virtualizes files and registry keys that are accessed by programs running in the sandbox. This means that changes made to these files and keys are not reflected in your main operating system.
  • Profiles: Sandboxie allows you to create different profiles for different programs. This can be useful for isolating different types of programs or for testing different settings for a program.
  • Cloning: Sandboxie allows you to clone programs, which means that you can create a copy of a program that runs in its own sandbox. This can be useful for testing different settings or configurations for a program, or for troubleshooting problems.
  • Logging: Sandboxie logs all activity that takes place in the sandbox. This can be useful for troubleshooting problems or for tracking the behavior of a program.

What’s New

  • Snapshot Manager. This new feature allows you to take a snapshot of a sandboxed process, which you can then restore if the process crashes or is interrupted.
  • Maintenance mode. This new feature allows you to uninstall, install, or start/stop the Sandboxie driver and service without having to restart your computer.
  • Portable mode. This new feature allows you to run Sandboxie from a portable directory, so you can take it with you on a USB drive or other portable storage device.
  • Additional UI options to block access for Windows components like printer spooler and clipboard. This new feature allows you to further isolate sandboxed processes from your main operating system.
  • More customization options for Start/Run and Internet access restrictions. This new feature allows you to fine-tune the way that sandboxed processes interact with your computer.


In conclusion, installing and using a Sandboxie clone application can be a great way to protect your computer from malicious applications, viruses, and malware while still being able to use the applications you need. The installation process is simple and straightforward, and the user-friendly interface allows for easy use of the application. With the level of security it provides, a Sandboxie clone application is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to ensure the safety of their system and their data.


What is Sandboxie?

Sandboxie is a program designed to create a secure environment in which applications can be run without making changes to the underlying system or local disk. It creates a sandbox-like environment where each program is separated from the underlying operating system, so changes made are confined to a dedicated virtual space which can later be discarded without any actual impact on the host machine.

How does Sandboxie work?

When a program is run in the Sandboxie environment, any changes it makes are confined to the sandbox and not applied to the underlying system or local disk. In this case, the underlying system and local disk are not affected by any changes the program may make when running in the sandbox.

What are the benefits of using Sandboxie?

Sandboxie provides a secure environment for running untrusted software, preventing any changes to the underlying system or local disk. It also provides a secure environment for testing programs or websites before they are released to the public.

Is Sandboxie free?

Yes, Sandboxie is a free program. You can download it from the official website and use it for personal, non-commercial use.

How do I get started with Sandboxie?

You can download the latest version of Sandboxie from the official website. There are detailed instructions on the site that will guide you through the installation and setup process. Once you have installed Sandboxie, you can start running programs in the Sandbox.

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