Bubbles Shooter Extreme

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“Experience Total Addiction With Bubbles Shooter Extreme – Test Your Aiming Skills Like Never Before!”

Experience Total Addiction With Bubbles Shooter Extreme - Test Your Aiming Skills Like Never Before! updatewave.com

Enjoy hours of captivating bubble popping excitement with Bubbles Shooter Extreme! Aim, shoot and burst your way through hundreds of puzzles and levels as you challenge yourself to become an expert shooter. With powerups, amazing graphics, and exciting gameplay.

Bubbles Shooter Extreme

Bubble Shooter Extreme is an exciting game of bubble popping adventure! Play this unique twist on classic bubble-shooting gameplay and experience the thrill of popping colorful bubbles while you work to complete tricky levels. This bubble-shooting game is designed to keep players of all ages and skill levels engaged as they work to make matches of 3 or more bubbles of the same color. With a range of colorful and funny characters, unique power-ups, exciting levels and bonuses, and a range of difficulty settings, Bubble Shooter Extreme will keep you coming back for more bubble-popping action.

Bubbles Shooter Extreme updatewave.com

How to Play Bubble Shooter Extreme

Bubble Shooter Extreme is a simple yet addictive bubble shooter game. The goal of the game is to pop all of the bubbles before they reach the bottom of the screen. You can match 3 or more bubbles of the same color to pop them, and you can use power-ups to help you clear the board.

How to Play Bubble Shooter Extreme updatewave.com

To play Bubble Shooter Extreme:

  • Use your mouse or finger to aim the bubble shooter.
  • Click or tap to shoot the bubble.
  • Match 3 or more bubbles of the same color to pop them.
  • Use power-ups to help you clear the board.
  • Pop all of the bubbles before they reach the bottom of the screen.

The Thrilling Features of Bubble Shooter Extreme

Bubble Shooter Extreme is a fast-paced bubble shooter game with challenging levels and exciting power-ups. Here are some of the thrilling features of the game:

  • Thousands of levels to explore: With over 1000 levels, you’ll never get bored with Bubble Shooter Extreme.
  • Power-ups to help you win: Use power-ups like the Fireball, Bomb, and Push Up to clear the board and win levels.
  • Challenging levels to test your skills: The levels in Bubble Shooter Extreme are increasingly challenging, so you’ll need to use all your skills to win.
  • Compete with friends and family: Challenge your friends and family to see who can get the highest score.

If you’re looking for a thrilling bubble shooter game, then Bubble Shooter Extreme is the perfect choice for you. With its challenging levels, exciting power-ups, and competitive multiplayer mode, Bubble Shooter Extreme is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.


Tips and Strategies for Mastering the Game

Bubbles Shooter Extreme is an incredibly addictive and challenging game. To help you succeed, here are some tips and strategies you can use to master the game:

  • Prioritize higher scoring bubbles: Aim for the higher numbered bubbles in game to get maximum points.
  • Use the wall to your advantage: Make sure to aim your shots carefully so that they can ricochet off the walls to hit harder to access bubbles.
  • Plan ahead: Look at the group of bubbles and come up with a strategy before shooting.
  • Take advantage of special bubbles: Use power-up bubbles like lightning and multi-color bubbles to your advantage.
  • Be patient: Don’t rush and take your time. The game is all about finesse, not speed.

Following these tips and strategies can help you master Bubbles Shooter Extreme in no time. Good luck!

Key Features

Intuitive and easy-to-use gameplay: Enjoy Extreme bubble shooter with simple, swift and intuitive controls that anyone can handle.

Multiple levels and stages: Progress through multiple stages and levels of challenging puzzles, with hundreds of unique bubble clusters.

Special effects and power ups: Add extra points and boost your progress with special effects and power ups.

Multiple shooting styles: Enjoy multiple shooting styles, including the classic 2-finger drag and tap.

Endless fun: A free and endlessly entertaining game will keep you engaged for hours.

What’s New

  • New levels: There are now over 1000 levels to explore, with more being added all the time.
  • New power-ups: There are now 5 new power-ups to help you blast through the levels, including the Fireball, the Cosmic Bomb, the Freezer, the Magnet, and the Color Changer.
  • New graphics: The graphics have been improved, with shinier bubbles and more realistic explosions.
  • New sound effects: The sound effects have also been improved, with more satisfying bubble popping sounds.
  • Bug fixes: A number of bugs have been fixed, making the game more stable and enjoyable.

Overall, the new features in Bubble Shooter Extreme make it a more challenging and rewarding game. If you’re a fan of bubble shooter games, then you’ll definitely want to check out the new version.


Bubble Shooter Extreme is a fun and addictive bubble shooter game that has been updated with new levels, power-ups, graphics, sound effects, and bug fixes. The new features make the game more challenging and rewarding, while the bug fixes make it more stable and enjoyable. If you’re a fan of bubble shooter games, then you’ll definitely want to check out the new version of Bubble Shooter Extreme.


What is Bubbles Shooter Extreme?

Bubbles Shooter Extreme is a contemporary version of the classic bubble shooter game where players must shoot and match bubbles of the same color in order to eliminate them from the playing field.

What type of device can I play Bubbles Shooter Extreme on?

You can play Bubbles Shooter Extreme on any iOS or Android device that is up to date.

How do I start playing Bubbles Shooter Extreme?

To begin playing Bubbles Shooter Extreme, simply download the app onto your device and launch it. From there, press the start button and you will be brought to the game’s main menu.

Is there an age restriction for Bubbles Shooter Extreme?

Yes, to play Bubbles Shooter Extreme you must be at least 13 years of age or have the permission of a legal guardian.

What is the object of Bubbles Shooter Extreme?

The object of Bubbles Shooter Extreme is to match and eliminate bubbles of the same color from the playing field before the bubbles reach the bottom of the screen.

How do I score points in Bubbles Shooter Extreme?

You will score points by eliminating bubbles from the playing field. The more and bigger bubbles you eliminate, the more points you will score.

Are there any power-ups in Bubbles Shooter Extreme?

Yes, there are several power-ups you can use throughout the game such as bombs and laser shots that can help you clear out the bubbles.


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